Ev’s Vegetable Soup

We love soup in the winter and my mother-in-law’s vegetable soup has always been among our favorites. It is easy as well as filling and tasty. This recipe makes enough to feed a family of four to six. Very good served with cornbread or rolls. If you have left over soup you may want to add a little more water or tomato juice when heating. This soup resembles a stew as it is a very thick soup. The beauty of this recipe is you add the amount of vegetables that you want so no set amounts are listed. I just add salt and pepper and sometimes a little garlic. I like the soup thick so I add as many vegetables as I can without the soup spilling out of the pot! (Click on index card to read recipe!)

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  1. Ray and I love this soup! It was perfect for the cold weather.

  2. We are big soup lovers.I’ll be making this delicious looking soup soon. Thanks for sharing it. Love family recipes

  3. I’m making some today! Can’t wait. I’ll bet it is better the next day if there is any left.

    • weekendcowgirl says:

      It makes a lot. You can use a little vegetable stock also in place of part of water if you want. I cut the potatoes, celery and onions into really big chunks. I use lots and lots of stew meat. Hope you enjoy. We are having leftovers tonight for dinner!

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