“Girlie” Can Ski!

Our precious “girlie” got to go skiing for the first time this year as part of her family Christmas. “Girlie” is really a precious little girl. She has a girl side to her, but she is also tough as nails.  She loves to play with dolls and the next minute she might go for a wrestling match. She can take on her older brother and cousins and come out the winner! She is a non-stop talker and doesn’t mind speaking what is on her mind. She just turned three and can charm your dog away from you! “Girlie” had a blast on her ski trip and loved every minute of ski school. Even after having a set of stitches she demanded to go back to skiing. Son #2 thought she should stay quiet for a day, but “girlie” would have none of it and ski she did!  “Girlie” likes to have fun and sure makes life fun for all of us!

{I had a cute video posted here of girlie skiing, but at some point uTube removed the link} -September 2012


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  1. Precious!

  2. How adorable! I need to get my four year old introduced to snow. Heck, I need to get MYSELF introduced to snow. 🙂

  3. That is just to cute! I love seeing little kids skiing…and after seeing that I am jealous that she gets to be on the Mountain skiing and not me! I love skiing!

  4. Oh so cute… How proud you must be..heartwarming ~ Makes me want to go skiing

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