It’s Been A Party In My Mouth

Today was supposed to be the day cowboy and I were going to start eating healthy after all the” jillions” of calories we have had in the last few weeks. This morning we talked about it over Monkey Bread and Vanilla Wafer Cake and big cold glasses of milk. This is the way it goes every year for us. The truth is until every last bite of leftovers are gone we will continue to eat. We will both have yummy turkey sandwiches for lunch and again will down them with a big glass of milk! We will have our choice of ten left over desserts. By tonight I will be ready to throw everything out because, frankly, we will be miserable. It has been one big party in my mouth, but I am about ready for it to be over!

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas dinner with our wonderful friends. My friend is the ultimate hostess. She decorates her Christmas table the day after Thanksgiving every year. Each year she has a different theme and it is always the highlight of the year to see what her theme will be. This year she used her Nutcracker collection around the house and also used nutcrackers on her dining table.

She and I purchased this lovely Christmas china at Target a few years back. It was so nicely priced and we think it is cuter than the higher priced Christmas china. It just goes to show that you can have lovely looking table for very little money. My kiddos love this china and look forward to eating on it every year.

We had delicious food as you can see! It was a nice change from the turkey we had on Christmas Eve.

We also had a toast with some very nice tasting champagne! I LOVE my friends amber champagne flutes.

Here are Golly and Zobi all dressed up for Santa. They love being all dressed up! They just prance around showing us all how pretty they look.

Dogs are ready for a Christmas Day nap! Too much prancing.

We really are blessed to have shared Christmas not only with family, but with good friends. These are the treasured memories we will hold in our hearts forever. Our hearts are totally overflowing with special Christmas memories…

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  1. But a big glass of milk makes everything so healthy! Diets start after the Rose Bowl! 🙂

  2. Ah, you’re supposed to eat a lot this time of year. No dieting til the calendar says January! 🙂

  3. You can’t even THINK about eating healthy again until all of those leftovers are gone. Who can have a salad when there is leftover apple pie?

  4. My oh my! What a lovely table! It’s almost a shame to to see all the dishes disappear after all that lovely food. Yum.

    The best photos, though? The doggies! How CUTE are they?

    Merry Christmas, my fun-loving Cowgirl Friend!

  5. How fun! Love the China!

  6. All of us are Catholic–which means at least Midnight Mass for most of us. But I am the organist and a few of the family are in the choir or ring handbells which mean a couple more masses. For me this year, it meant Friday Mass at 5:30 and Midnight, Christmas morning at 10:00 and 2 Masses on Sunday. The family is so understanding about this–and they sort of use it as a way of “getting out of the “Big Cook” as they call it”. So, our Christmas meal was a wonderful Brunch! No leftovers. Just enough in our stomachs for a long nap when we got home. We’ve already decided that next year we’re not going to cook at all. We’re going about 50 miles away to an awesome restaurant on the Black Warrior River where they serve you anything you want! And the food is absolutely fabulous. They have a Chamber Quartet playing and gorgeous decorations. I can hardly wait! In fact, we have already made our reservations. This is a marked break from our traditional Christmas holiday meal, but we still have all 32 of us together–and that’s the point. We are still all together.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      I think your plan for next year sounds absolutely fabulous! I am still cleaning the house so your plan sounds extremely perfect to me!!!!! After tonight, I am pitching all the leftovers! I also know you are the best organist around and your church is so lucky to have you!

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