December Snow Re-visited

Here are two more Montana snow photos I had from the December snowfall. I do enjoy snow pictures. Have had no snow here this year so living through my Montana friends.

Again, old implements are so stately gathering snow.

This path is one we walk in the summer. Not sure I would know where to go with all this snow. I might possibly be one of those people who wandered off the trail only to find themselves lost!

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  1. You have not had snow in Montana since December? We keep getting hit here down south. I am too much of a weakling to deal with it.

    Dear Mother Nature, you have had some miscalculations this year and the Weekend Cowgirl misses walking in the white stuff. We are cold, please proceed with the correction. thank you.

  2. Love snow on old farm equipment. Love it even more if it isn’t at my place 🙂

  3. Hi Cowgirl!

    Nice photos!

    We’re having a tropical heat wave up here in nw Montana. It was in the 50’s today! I’ll be out in the woods with the chainsaw tomorrow!

    • http://weekendcowgirl says

      That is great because you have had so much snow this winter. Have fun outside tomorrow! I will be working outside too!

  4. Goodness, I miss snow! I grew up in Boston, but now live on the West Coast. Sounds crazy, but all I want is a good blizzard right about now.

  5. NYC has had a couple of blizzards now. The moment right after is like your beautiful picture of the snowy woods–mysterious, inviting, silent. Then the plows start and cars’ engines rev as they try to back out of parallel parking spots, and people swear as the snow darkens to slush and they step into deep puddles. Snow seems simple, until you have to deal with it!

    • http://weekendcowgirl says

      Yes, snow is not just snow. Depends where it is and where you are! Much better in rural areas unless you are having to feed livestock & crack ice. I sure love the serenity of a good snow though.

  6. Snow is perfectly wonderful to look at. It’s when I have to actually go outside and interact with it that I start getting cranky.

  7. What a cute blog-wonderful pics,and I dig those clothespins!

  8. http://JerseyLady says

    Your snow pictures make me think of a poem we learned in school:
    First Snow
    by Marie Louise Allen
    Snow makes whiteness where it falls.
    The bushes look like popcorn-balls.
    The places where I always play
    Look like somewhere else today

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