Friday Foto

Took this last summer in Glacier National Park. The rocks at Glacier have amazing colors and textures. I never tire of just sitting and looking at the different shades of golds, reds, browns and greens. Nature has provided such a  beautiful palette for our enjoyment. Love how the one rock stands out from the rest. (Best view click on photo)

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  1. What a gorgeous photo! You can get lost in a daydream staring at it. I also wanted to tell you how pretty your blog page is … I love all the photos and graphics and colors. Makes me happy just stopping by. I’m inspired 🙂 Have a great weekend, cowgirl!

  2. just stunning! and i laughed.. i’ve been hungry for chinese food also… your ginger chicken is just the ticket!

  3. Gor-Gee-Ous !!!

  4. Beautiful! The rocks in NY state tend to be on the more sober side of the spectrum, so anytime I’m out West I have to just sit and gaze on views like this. Thanks for posting it!

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