TCU Purple Rose Bowl Reign

Leapin’ Lizards, I am finally home from Pasadena and this cowgirl had the best time of her life! I left for California simply humbled we would be part of such a wonderful bowl tradition. As you might know being a frog takes lots of pride and fortitude. We have to buffer our pride and devotion to our team and on a daily basis gut up and listen to all the smack talk against us. It is relentless and on-going.  Being the classy horned frogs we are; we just try to offer a stiff upper lip and keep our lips zipped to all the negative media and sports talk on why we should not be ranked so high, why we sure are not worthy of going to Fiesta and Rose Bowls, why we are “little sisters of the poor” and so forth and so on. That talk still continues today and really is OK because I have not come off of my purple cloud yet and do not plan to do so anytime soon. It’s still raining purple roses in my head and heart. I seriously do not think I will ever be the same person. I saw a “David and Golaith” story play out at the Rose Bowl and it will forever be a part of me.

Hopefully, TCU made the “Granddaddy Of Them All” proud. All I can say is that our TCU team has gone quietly about their business this year and won all their games. They came to Pasadena to play their best. No matter what anyone thinks of our team they were there on the Rose Bowl field to play and they won. For the thousands of TCU fans at the Rose Bowl, it filled us with an overwhelming feeling of love and pride for our team and school. We have a team and coach with wonderful morals and high standards and our kids exhibit more than just the winning spirit. Their actions show that they are young men with integrity and have much more going for them than just life on the  football field. Our TCU team and coaching staff makes us proud. It is always a wonderful time to be a TCU alumni, but now we have witnessed winning of the esteemed “Rose” and we are forever changed.

Wanted to share a few photos from the Rose Bowl game. The first is the wonderful Rose Bowl logo we all know and love.

The Rose Bowl has plenty of “tron boards” so it is very easy to see all the action.

Box seats and official seating.

TCU Quarterback, Andy Dalton and Paula Deen. TCU won coin toss. Thanks Paula!

TCU end zone logo.

TCU on field at beginning of game. This is the best New Year I ever had!

The tron screen says it all! TCU 21-Wisconsin 19. What a historic win. Everything came out roses for TCU and I don’t mind telling you it was fun!

I am smelling the roses and they are PURPLE! Thanks TCU Horned Frogs for a great year. We are proud of you. We are proud of your coaches. We are proud of TCU.  Rose Bowl Champions 2011. Being the under-dog is just fine with me.

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  1. So glad you had a wonderful time. My parents were kind enough to take my brothers and I to Pasadena when I had an internship in LA. We went to the parade and then begged our father to take us to the game, UCLA v. Illinois. We had the best time, with no connection to either school. Seeing the parade in person, gives you such an appreciation for the floats and all that goes into them. Welcome Back and I hope you stay on that purple cloud for a long time. ITB, Averil

    • weekendcowgirl says:

      It really is a bigger than life experience. The parade was amazing and just to sit in the bowl is an honor! XOXOXOX

  2. I listened to the game as it unfolded and sent you a couple of text-es! Way to go! But then, wearing purple SHOULD make them a winner everytime 😉

  3. My oh My! It truly was David and Goliath–but you were certainly well represented in all of your purple! We kept looking for you but never did see you. It truly was a great day for your school. I can’t even imagine how proud you are–but I KNOW how excited you are! As for me, well, we just didn’t quite make enough plays in the first half to make it any closer or even pull it out. We had three chances and blew all three of them. No crying here, though. We have had a great year and I’m already looking forward to next year! You know me, I was born yelling soooooooiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    • weekendcowgirl says:

      We were so sad last night. You all nearly did it and yes, you all have had a great season! We were rootin’ for you. You are the ultimate Arkansas fan & as a kid you were the best fan!

  4. Sounds as if you really had a great time. Did you see the float with the snowboarding bulldog? (a dream of mine!) Not very cowgirl, but soooo cute!

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