Yellow Fields of Canola

Canola, Brassica campestris, is a major cash crop in both Canada and the United States. We mainly find it in our grocery stores as Canola oil although other countries use the meal and it can also be used as livestock feed.

If you have never seen a field of Canola blooming then you have missed a scene of great beauty. The blooms are a vivid yellow and when an entire field is planted in Canola it can take your breath away! I think if I had a Canola field I would carve a little path and make a circle big enough for a couple of chairs and have my very own private reading area. Grab a Diet Dr. Pepper and read in the early morning. How beautiful would that be? Of course there would be lots of bees!

I took these photos last summer in Montana. They had a late spring and the fields did not bloom until July which was ideal for me since I was visiting in July.

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  1. This is the most beautiful sight. I miss seeing it grow here. We seem to have a lot of barley here.

  2. Beautiful. It looks so warm and inviting – maybe I’ll join you with my book! I’ll bring the chocolate!

  3. Oh my goodness! Absolutely stunning images! The colors are so very beautiful. Breathtaking scenes! Especially wonderful to view colorful summer images in the middle of a cold, gray, snowy winter. A joy to view your blog!

  4. Just beautiul! Silly me–I always thought Canola oil came from a nut! A couple of the pictures look more like wildflowers than a crop of something–and the closeup is amazing!! Does it smell as good as it looks?

    • weekendcowgirl says

      You know they do have a scent, but I could not specifically tell you how they smell. I more remember that they are full of bees. It sure makes for a spectacular sight.

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