I took this photo of my friends dog last summer. Golly was adopted at the local animal shelter and she is a dream. She is such a gentle and sweet dog. She is by her owners sides every single minute whether they are fishing, reading, mowing or sleeping. This is one dog who remains very grateful to have found her human family. She is a chocolate lab mix. I cannot imagine any dog better than this one. Everyone should consider getting their treasured pets at the local animal shelter. There are so many wonderful dogs and cats needing and wanting to be loved and be part of a family. Why would you pay for an expensive dog when there are so many precious ones waiting for a home? And hey, spay and neuter ya’ll.

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  1. I love my adopted puppy, they are the BEST!

  2. I sure did have a lot of fun with Golly in Montana. This dog is very gentle and very loving.

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