Road Grader Fresh

We have had very little moisture since the first of last summer. It was time to have the grader come go over the fire lanes. Cowboy surprised me by having a few of the farm roads smoothed out. This is a new road which gave us a completely new view and I love it! In the spring the wildflowers will grow to the right and left of the road so this will be one of my favorite scenicĀ areas. (This was taken last Sunday in tee-shirt weather!)

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  1. lynne beach renaud says

    SWEEEEET VIEW! Where is our warmth????

  2. I will be waiting on the spring picture!! Here’s hoping that all of the bad weather doesn’t spoil Cowboy’s efforts! It sure looks nice now!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      They stay nice for awhile. But, I love them best when they have just been done. The weather won’t hurt them. It is so cold here & not warming up yet.

  3. That is so beautiful! Looks much like our area of Texas.

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