Today’s Snow

We had an ice storm that shut us down this week. Last night we were supposed to recieve a dusting of snow, but woke up to around 5-6 inches instead. What a surprise. It has been an atypical week for our area as most years we go without a drop of snow. Snow was very enjoyable, but the ice not so much!

Here are a few unusual photos of our snow today. This snow was a dry fine snow and oh so gentle. It was relaxing, beautiful and serene. I love having at least one rare snowfall each year. These days are perfect for reading, eating, staying in your PJs and doing nothing. The best thing is you do not have to feel guilty!

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  1. Billie Brown says:

    Thank you for your words today. I read them regularly now. I told my niece today that I haven’t worn anything but PJ pants for a week. Then I started feeling guilty but now it’s OK.. Keep up the good writing Cowgirl. I thoroughly enjoy it. Thanks!

    • weekendcowgirl says:

      Well, since I basically have been in pj’s most of the week & enjoyed every minute I sure cannot feel guilty about it. I think it was natures way of giving me “free” time! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I enjoy doing it and love it when someone else visits!

  2. I haven’t seen icicles like that since childhood. Amazing photos!

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