Little Bit of Fun Here and There

We are busy getting ready for spring with a few projects at the farm. Nothing big, just a few improvements in the bath and lots of fresh new paint inside and out. A few new pillows here and there. I am a happy camper because I especially love fresh paint! I have had a great week and done lots of traveling here and there. Have seen all my kiddos and that is good.

Spent a few days with Son #2 and family. I had these two sleeping partners. Aren’t they beautiful?

Girlie and I spent time playing with her tree-house. Notice the cow family that lives in the tree-house! She has all sorts of animal families that live there. Love the bathroom set in the house! It’s fun to have a doll house in tree-house form and to have different animal families instead of human families. Very cute idea.

Girlie and I walked to get her brother at school and found this unusual Jonquil. I normally see the traditional yellow ones so really loved this white and orange variety.

My daughter-in-law has been under the weather with a sinus infection and her face and eyes are swollen. Her friend left her a pair of Bloody Mary glasses on her porch. They are a hoot! They would be great for a summer party. Wanted to bring them home!

Went to a “Sip and See” for a precious new baby. No baby shower is complete without special cakes! I bet you guessed it was a girl! You have to love the little “booties”. The flowers were pretty also.

These were the hit of the party and I will blog the recipe next week for you! I could have eaten a dozen! They are the best cheese crackers I have ever tasted. Talked to my friend today and will have the recipe blogged soon for you.

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  1. What a cute little fur ball! At first i thought you meant drinking glasses then I saw they were glasses for the eyes..very cool.

    I want those cheese crackers! i will wait for the recipe!

  2. Looks like you had a great time. Love the Bloody Mary glasses! Never see stuff like that up here. Too cute!

  3. Oh …this brings back memories! My daughter’s 4th birthday P. and I made her a “stump” house and had stuffed wild animals for the “people”! He made a wagon for them to “drive” and the garage was a semi-flattened tomato juice can! It was a root at the base of the stump. The stump was a very large plastic garbage can, upside down with floors in place…all nestled on a green grass (outdoor carpet) meadow. I made quilts, curtains, the works! I had more fun playing with it then she did!!! 😉 Thanks for the memories!

  4. ohhhhhhhh, forgot to say we paper machéd it all and painted it brown. That was the way to get all the bark ridges on the outside. It was very durable and did look authentic when finished!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Wow, a lot of work, but how cute. Bet they still talk about it. It was probably one of her favorites…

  5. What a fun post! So many fun things going on and great pics. I, too, am anxious for the cheese cracker recipe. I’m giving a Sip n See next Sun. Did the petit fours come from BB? They’re darling.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Email me from the home page on my blog. It is the little white envelope on the bottlecap on the top right. I will email information on cakes. I will blog the cheese crackers in next few days!

  6. Your photos are great, really enjoy them. Love the “doll” house and cow family.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      The little cow family is very cute. I think she has little skunk family that is adorable also!

  7. Love the Tree House! Just wondering how big the room is. And please do find out about the sunglasses, I will be needing a pair…having a tooth extracted tomorrow–ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      The tree house- not sure. They have enough room for all the furniture you purchase for them. The bedroom has bed, dresser, armoire and chairs. I will get you the name so you can Google it.
      Good luck on the tooth…. ugh.

  8. HI!!! I met you the other night at Hibachi. I was with my husband and our 2 kiddos……. your husband so kindly shared his sushi 🙂

    Love your Blog!!!!!

    I wanted you to see our mannequins, thought maybe you could blog about them, and our interior design company. We are new, so any thing would help.

    Send me your email……

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Hi! You can email me by hitting the little white envelope on the bottle cap on upper right side on my home page!!! I will keep checking your site which is very cute. Once you get everything up I will look forward to seeing everything…!!!!!!

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