Goat Competition

Goats not only have great personalities and make loving pet, but they just do the funniest and cutest things. Last summer we put a few heifer’s who were due to calve in the pasture with the goats. After the new babies came and grew a bit I put a little water trough in pasture for them in case they needed water. They were too little to reach big trough. After the need was gone I never got around to moving the trough out of pasture, but now it is the favorite hangout for all our goats. They wait patiently until one leaves and then take his place. There seems to be somebody always sleeping in it. Since they seem to love it so much I just left it for them.

Jeff loves his special place.

As you can see Spot is sound asleep and never even heard me take this photo. Blanco is patiently waiting for his turn!

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  1. Goat are so fun. My SIL has them, and I love visiting them!

  2. It is so true, their love for sleeping IN things. We had a small trough…just the size for a preggo goat to get stuck in. It was quite humerous watching her try to get out of it, although a bit scary if she were to get stuck. On top of that, we have one doe whose kids always sleep IN the rubber feed pans on the floor after they have finished their grain. Guaranteed every year. Goats are great!

  3. We have three goats and I swear they have more personality than ten people.

    Loving your blog and looking forward to following you for more.

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