It’s Almost Time…

It’s almost spring which means it will be flower time soon! I am ready for wildflowers and I am ready to plant flowers. It all makes me very restless. We had a freeze last night which is a good reminder that I must be patient a little bit longer.  Here are a few photos from last year to help get you excited for all the beauty that will be upon us very soon! The trees are budding and blooming flowers will not be far behind.

Snapped this flower in Montana.

Montana has fabulous Poppies and I really love them. One of my favorite things to search for when visiting.

I really enjoy Irises. I have white ones here at the farm. I want to add yellow and purple ones also. Took this one at a friend’s home.

I love my Lantana. I have the orange and have it in purple also. Now, I need to get the yellow, orange and pink variety and I will be set. It does really well in our hot weather. They are easy and if you just let them grow they will become shrub size.

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  1. I love the Lantana down there. Here it is treated as an annual. When I was in Arizona I couldn’t believe how big the Lantana grew!

  2. The poppies are amazing! I had no idea you could grow them here–I always thought they were indegenious (sp) to Asia. Are they arruals or perennials? And do you think we could grow them here?

    • weekendcowgirl says

      I am not sure if we can grow them. They have them in California and they are perennials. In Montana they are annuals I think. I have never seen any around here. In Montana they are a beautiful dark orange and so pretty. Some of my Montana friends say they are hard to grow and others tell me they are easy so I am not sure.

  3. Beautiful pics! I am excited for spring flowers!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      If we do not get rain I am not sure how our wildflowers will be this year, but hopefully I will have some pretty ones in the yard!

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