There’s a Bear In The Tree

Our Montana friends took this photo a couple of years ago in early fall. Our friends have plentiful apple and pear trees and the bears love to come steal fruit every single fall.

These two photos show how the bears climbed the trees when their chocolate lab came outside and barked. To get the full effect you may need to click on photos to enlarge. This is one of my favorite photos that my friend R. took.

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  1. Whoa! That is one dextrous bear!

  2. Wow, what great photos. Our bears stay in the mountains of Vancouver, luckily far away from us here on the delta. Not sure what I would do if I saw one like that.

  3. I’m SO glad the bear went up the tree and NOT after the dog!!!

  4. We see a few black bear around here but mainly they are moving on to find new ground in the spring. I have never seen one out in the wild but I know they are around because you have to be careful of food when you are camping.

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