Wordless Wednesday

Well, nearly wordless. In Japan and a few other Asian countries they are growing watermelons in a square shape. How cool is that? You ask why it is cool? Because they fit much better in the fridge than round ones. They grow the watermelons in square forms. Very interesting. Wonder if we will ever see them in the states in this shape? I love the concept.

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  1. I dare say not–at least not here! Simply because they have been growin’ ’em here the ole “fashion” way since the first seeds were sowed! But I agree–they would fit in the fridge better! I can just imagine cutting triangles at the top, leaving the stem, and balling the fruit and putting it back in for a party. It would be a cute basket–or taking out all of the fruit and using the “basket” as a container for daisies or zinnias or gerbera daises. Makes me wish for a summer party!

  2. That’s so cool!!!! I want to grow them! I do hope they are available over here in the near future!

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