City Cowgirls

Boots aren’t just for cowgirls these days. Everyone is wearing them for a special fashion statement. I first noticed it at collegiate football games. All the collegians were wearing them to games. Then they started wearing to games with dresses and skirts. Now, they are wearing them everywhere. I love the fashion look!

I helped host a dinner a few weeks ago for some of our college women and took this boot shot. These boots were paired with a mini-skirt and looked adorable.

Not a cowgirl? Get some boots anyway! You don’t have to wear with the mini-skirt!


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  1. I couldn’t live without my boots!

  2. I got my first pair of boots at my first livestock show – yes that was just a year & a half ago – and I want more so badly! Need to go do a little shopping!

  3. Nice boots! I enjoy your blog and photos. We bloggers have to stick together!

  4. Hey Cowgirl…do these come with ice cleats attached??? We keep getting snow in the Valley!

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