Easter Fun

Cowboy and I had a fun weekend!

First, we spent Easter Eve with friends. We had pasta with sausage and it was delicious. Great food and friends, Wonderful way to celebrate the holiday weekend.

On Sunday we drove to visit Son #2 and family. We had a wonderful holiday lunch (we did not do a traditional lunch, but went for Mexican food) then spent the afternoon doing fun things with the kiddos. We went to the park to fly #1 grand kiddo’s helicopter then we headed home to spend our afternoon trying out our artistic skills.

We baked Easter cupcakes with the kiddos and they had a super time. They were giant cupcakes! This was the highlight of their afternoon. They love doing frosting and mixing colors and best of all eating their cupcake!

After kiddos woke from naps then we colored eggs. Even though the Easter Bunny had come earlier in the day the kiddos wanted to decorate their eggs. We spent nearly two hours coloring and decorating.

This butterfly egg was nice!

The day was not complete without son #2 and daughter in law coloring and decorating their own eggs. This was a joint craft project for them! They crack me up!

They titled this egg: ” Don’t Be Fooled-The Cat Might Not Be Nice!” Cat is carrying a sword for goodness sake. I think they feared for the bunny.

Not too worry, it ended up true love after all…

We may not have had a Martha Stewart kind of Easter, but we sure had a fun day and I know the kiddos and their parents made fun memories for the future… I know cowboy and I came home with our hearts contented… isn’t that what it is all about?

P.S. Our day was complete because we also got to see son #1 and his family when we got home.

Days like this are what it is all about…

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  1. happy Easter!
    i love those cupcakes!!!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter. I love good sausage and your dish looks delicious. We went to Disneyland this Easter and enjoyed Johns first visit to the happiest place on earth. Glad you had a lovely day

  3. Sounds just about perfect to me! So glad you got the family time!

  4. What a fun Easter weekend! I love the cupcakes and Easter eggs! That icing looked delicious. Nothing better than family!

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