Forever Friendships

I am feeling a little melancholy today. Thinking of of all my childhood friends I have not seen forever. The small rural area I grew up in was a wonderful place to grow up. Everyone was a friend. Everyone knew everyone. Every-one’s parents knew each other. We could leave our house and bike around town for hours without anyone having to worry about us. In the summer we walked or biked to the pool in the morning and stayed till the city pool closed for the day. When we went to a friend’s house to play our play house might be an old chicken coup to play in. We might walk to town and go through the local five and dime and milling around the store could take hours. We also might go to the Rexall Drug Store to have a Coke Float or a milkshake. Life really was simple, but more importantly…life was good. (Or at least I thought so!)

I grew up with so many nice friends. Girls and boys.  I am very lucky I grew up with wonderful kids from birth to my senior year. These are my friends for life whether I see them or not. I know each of us could pick up today just like it was yesterday. I do keep up with many childhood friends and cherish them still.

I went to boarding school the summer before my senior year and also for my senior year, thus I gained a new group of friends I graduated with. They have been a blessing in my life also. I also keep up with many of them and our group functions like we never were apart.

I love staying in touch with my life long friends. It is one of my many blessings. I know we all grew up and for the most part most of us moved to different locations, but honestly I love staying in touch and find much joy in that…

This photo was taken when I was seventeen. These were some of my close childhood friends! Many more friends are not in this photo. Friends Forever!


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  1. Jimmie Lee Z says

    What wonderful memories. My play house was a chicken coop. We were so fortunate to have grown up there.

  2. I grew up in a big city, I had the benefits of small-town living every summer as we visited my maternal grandparents. You are right on the mark about the enduring nature of childhood friendships. It’s remarkable.

    I love visiting weekendcowgirl. It puts my mind at peace, slows me down a bit. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for linking up to Memory Lane Friday! What a wonderful picture. You had a lot of close friends! I miss those summer vacations as a kid too – such a carefree time.

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