The Garden Scoop

Cowboy came home with these in early spring. They may be hands down the best gardening tool I have ever had. So easy and so cheap! Each scoop has a place to fit over your hand. Every spring when my live oak leaves fall I rake them up into huge piles then use my hands and a rake to clean up the piles. These scoops are much easier to use and I can get more leaves per scoop. Makes cleaning up the leaves much easier. Who thinks up these things? I guess a gardener who has a lot of leaves to pick up! Why can’t I think of these things? He or she is now probably a rich gardener!

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  1. Susan (Gardensage) says

    I’ll be looking for some of those! Do you know where he found them?

  2. Got them at Ace Hardware, if u do not have Ace then go to Gardex on line and find a store in your area that carries them.

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