Unusual Farm Animals

Cowboy took these photos while out and about last week.

I have seen the buffalo and love this photo of them just relaxing. You know how I LOVE buffalo!

Cowboy took this photo of the camel at a ranch. I knew it was there, but have never actually seen it. I think I will try to go see if I can catch a glimpse sometime soon! How wild is that to have your own camel?

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  1. isnt the camel thing crazy!?! i know folks in Arizona and they have WILD camels who were left there by movie sets and such. can you believe it. apparently camels are fun and entertaining, such as they are.

    i love buffalo also! but wow they are big!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Camels look like they would have personality! I love buffalo, but they are big and pretty tough on fences I hear… Wild camels, now that is something to ponder! Wish one would wonder my way!!

  2. Camels are cool. There is a Camel Ranch near us. They raise camels there and they rent them out for movies and nativity scenes. I love to go photograph them.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      You know all the cool places! You also are the best photographer. We need to hang out one day soon!!!!

  3. I fell in love with buffalo while driving (slowly) through a herd of them in Yellowstone. They are huge and hairy but there’s something majestic and sweetly bovine about hem. (When they’re at a distance. One bull was feeling threatened by the big moving truck we were driving and wanted to assert his dominance. No fenders bent, thankfully.)

  4. oneoldcowgirl says

    My friend is always asking her husband for a camel and she can’t understand why he is always saying no ; -) I sent her the link to this post.

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