Wishes Are Not Always Golden

It is strange for the average city person to comprehend, but most farms/ranches have some sort of beat up work truck they use to get around in. Something that runs good, but you don’t have to worry about bumpy roads, mud, scratching the truck when going in and out of trees and bushes, hail and rain, or any other thing that most of us would worry about with our vehicles. We are without a “junk truck” and I sure could use one. I would zig and zag all over the farm which would include going in and out of bushes. It would involve brutal treatment for the vehicle!

When driving down the road last month I found the perfect truck! So much history and personality. So over priced! But, I loved the “look”! It would take me all the places I cannot go in our truck. I think cowboy likes his truck much better! But, if I had a “junk truck” I would not mind if it looked beat up like this one!  I do not think one is in my future anytime soon!

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  1. Oh, that’s BEAUTIFUL! And complete with white walls! When are you getting it?

  2. My hubby would love to restore that truck! He would be in heaven.

  3. The price MUST hve been for the new tires and wheels! But yes, I can see you in that truck. Looks like it has been almost as many miles as the old jeep we knew “back in the day”.

    • weekendcowgirl says:

      It was jaw-dropping high. I imagine someone will restore it to it’s original beauty. I just need a junk truck.

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