Black Cohosh

One of my friends in Montana grows Black Cohosh (Acteae racemosa)  in her garden and it makes for a spectacular plant. Cohosh is an Indian word meaning rough. Black Cohosh is sometimes also called: bugbane, snake root, bugwart, fairy candles, rattleweed, rattleroot and squaw root. The white has many textures from round to smooth to fluffy. What a great addition for anyone wanting something different and beautiful. My friend says she grows it as a flowering shrub. She also says that Black Cohosh was used in many cultures (in our grandmother’s time) as a herb for women. Indians used it for snake bites.The Indian women used it to ease the pain of child bearing.  It was used for easing menopause symptoms and hot flashes. The Cohosh root is the part that contains the herbal properties.

When taking this photo I loved it’s tall white stems. It was one of the most interesting and pretty plants. It sure added beauty to my friend’s garden! Now, I need to see if it will grow in my area. It is a perennial and supposedly grows fast and you can start dividing after a few years. It does have to have constant moisture in the ground so I may just have to enjoy it in Montana


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  1. If you start growing it here, let me know. I need it for my hot flashes!

  2. How tall is it?

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