Diptic App For Phone

Diptic App for iPhone/iPad is one of my favorites. This app lets you combine multiple photos and merge into one new photo. It is easy to use. For an extra .99 you can make all the layouts expandable. This app gives you many options and the expandable part makes it limitless in what you can do. If you have an iPhone or iPad and love photography then this is a really a handy app to purchase.

I used Diptic to merge three of my Montana flowers into one photo. Diptic gets a big “thumbs up” from me. Love it!


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  1. http://Jimmie%20L%20Z says

    Bunny thanks for the app tip. I was just thinking today that I need to look for one in the app store. I have the iphone 4 and it actually takes nice pictures so this app will be a nice upgrade. Great Pictures….Jimmie Lee

  2. http://Susan%20(Gardensage) says

    I’ve been wanting to merge some of my photos. I will check this out. Thanks.

  3. Ooooho I want this app! Thanks for sharing!

  4. http://Levin says

    Have you tried out Doubleshot? I think it came out pretty recent. It lets you take pictures first, then pick from a bunch of different frames, and you can take pictures from both cameras at once. Pretty fun, but I wish you could move the pictures.

    • http://weekendcowgirl says

      I have not tried it. Just looked it up and it looks like it might be fun! Thanks for the suggestion.

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