Montana in May

Montana in May is spectacular!

Snow covered mountains

Rainy Days

Pastures turning green in a blink of an eye

Snow melted streams and rivers raging and bulging


Garden’s beginning their summer bounty

Bears out of hibernation

Mountain Lions lurking

Deer grazing

Birds building nests

Warm sun teasing with a taste of summer

Montana in May is a simple preview of new beginnings…

(for best view please click on photo to enlarge & be sure to click back on your browser to return to this blog)

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  1. What a beautiful view. Love it.

  2. I’ve been thinking of you in Montana. I’m glad you could see the beauty in a painful time.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      I did and I am. There is never pain too great to stop us from the beauty of living life… pain might stop us for fleeting moments, but hopefully we get the beauty back. At least I am holding to that thought!

  3. Paul and I went down to the accident site today to decorate Sandy’s highway cross. Thought of you along the way when we came upon more old barns. Took a few pix for you! Rain squalls and sunshine intermixed, some wind, some mist, and a full raging river beside the accident scene. FINALLY, they are erecting screening over the rock face. Another huge rock came down and is resting quite near her cross! It’s amazing that in the last 5 1/2 years no one else was killed by a falling rock!! We wondered if your state puts up highway crosses like MT does???

    • weekendcowgirl says

      That is so sad… how nice you went to decorate cross. We don’t have the crosses, but more and more I see little memorials by the side of the road…

  4. Hmmmmmm, that looks like B Mountain to me, taken from BG???

  5. Are you already there for the summer?

  6. Billie Brown says

    Just absolutely beautiful.. I am in Montana myself. And yes you are right. Snow, rain, wind. But I look at those mountains & think to myself, that is why I am here. I am at East Glacier and this is totally different from Texas. Take care.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      I love East Glacier. Last summer ate at Serranos for the first time and really liked it…

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