The Little Things…

It really is the little things that stick with you. The important things in life, of course, are not really material things. It is family, friends, pets that give our lives totally meaning. In the end you will not be thinking about that special car you owned, but rather, I imagine it will be all your loved ones human or animal that made your life memorable. However, sometimes I think there are little pieces of your life puzzle that you remember as being really special. One of these pieces for me was something that my mom gave me. It is not really something I asked for, but rather, something I simply adored that all my friends had. Somehow, my mom knew how much I loved this item. I can remember wanting one of these so badly that I could feel it right down to the tips of my toes! I think I was probaly around 5th grade and when I opened my birthday present and this darling photo scrapbook was sitting beneath the wrapping paper just waiting for me to add all my personal “stuff” to it. I can still remember the excitement that I was now the proud owner of such a treasured gift. And in my heart I knew that my mom was totally in sync with one of my greatest “wants”. I guess moms are like that. Sometimes they just know what you need without you asking.


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  1. Jimmie Lee Z says

    How funny, I have one very similar only it has autographs in it. Yours, Nancy’s, and many others. I cherish it! My grandmother gave it to me for a birthday present.

  2. That is just the cutest scrapbook! I am sure it’s full of memories.

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