Donkey Diner

Son #2 and wife just returned from a wedding on St. John island. They found this wonderful local dive in Coral Bay, St. John U.S. Virgin Islands. It was full of character. It is famous for it’s pizza and Bloody Mary’s. The reviews are great for this little restaurant. Best of all the decor is really cute. So if you are ever on St. John you will need to drop by the Donkey Diner for a fun place to eat.

Son #2 and wife took this photo. They know how I am “ga-ga” about donkey’s and are having it printed and framed for me. I cannot wait! Isn’t this the best sign ever? (Click on the photo to enlarge & see the detail!)



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  1. That is very cool. Super nice of your son to take a pic for you.

  2. Did I ever tell you my dad had a Ginny and her baby when I was a kid? Momma was called Candy, and her black Jack was named Licorice! Candy was to be in the Christmas pageant when my brother and I were in Grade School. Candy hit that stage floor and stopped DEAD in her tracks! Brother could not get her to move (8th grader). So here they come for me (4th grader) to get donkey and Joseph across the stage…LOLOLOL. And I did it, too! Thanks for the fun memory!!

  3. Oops, that should have said donkey and Mary (Joseph was my brother)…what’s one more “herdsman” (me) in the crowd… And then I got to get out of school and brother and I walked Candy back to our pasture! All in a day’s work, as they say! 😉

  4. My #1 son just got back from his honeymoon on St. John. They brought back Donkey Diner t-shirts for everyone!

  5. Y’all are having so much fun with this! I feel left out that I have no “donkey memory” to share…but I sure am enjoying yours!

  6. I love this! So cute and will look great framed!

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