I Don’t Know…Jack

So Cowboy and I were gone last week and when we got back to the farm guess what we found in our pasture?

Here is a hint: We have two donkey’s and are boarding a friend’s donkey. When Cowboy drove in drive way he counted four donkey’s. A new donkey was in our pasture. He seemed very happy with my girls. He looks healthy enough. A bit thin. Very friendly for a Jack. It was such a puzzle on how he got in our pasture considering it stays locked. So as we pondered what to do Cowboy already noticed that… Jack was having his way with our girls. OMG. Next year I will probably have three new babies. Not something I was trying to achieve! We finally found out Jack had been dumped on road conveniently by our donkey pasture. A nice neighbor saw him nearly get hit so kindly put him in our pasture. Mystery solved. Of course, I just love having my girls and never really wanted a Jack so decided to find Jack another home. Well, it sounded good in my brain, but Jack is really cute and seems to be so happy… I will get him to vet and checked out and we will see what I will do.

I will just say I would like to get a hold of Jack’s owners who so nicely dumped him in front of our place. Makes me so mad. How do you treat an animal like that? I even think I know where he came from. They were from the city and had their place for about two years and now there is a “For Sale” sign on the property and they are gone. Rather than find a nice home for Jack they just let him loose. !#$%&$ Again, he is a sweet little donkey and I do not understand how you do that. I know the economy is bad and situations happen, but people, take care of your animals and at least spend the time to find them a good home.

I will let you know if Jack gets to stay at farm. And if so maybe we will have a little naming contest! Here is “Jack” enjoying some corn. I don’t really know Jack, but have a feeling I soon will!


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  1. Awwww, come on. He’s so handsome. You gotta keep him for the girls!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Yes, he is pretty cute! If he behaves and does not bother them, then I bet he’ll get to stay!

  2. That’s sad how he came to be at your farm. It is the best place for him. What a surprise that was!

  3. Looks like a piece of licorice salt water taffy in coloring! Happy Jacks bray a bit…hehehehehe

  4. Liz Wiatrek says

    When we first moved to the country, we were horrified at what got dumped near our gate. There’s been chickens, rabbits and a truckload of cats and dogs. Why?

  5. Poor Jack? I think not. Lucky Jack! At least he is safe, fed and now has hopeful future regardless if he gets to stay with you or not. I am hoping then next occupants of the now empty house are of better quality than the inexcusable ilk who would leave any animal to fend for itself. The fact that some people think responsibility can waived when they can’t see a convenient solution is the exact reason I would not sell my 17 year old horse. Job changes made paying her upkeep difficult and caused lifestyle changes that some people don’t understand but Knowing she will always be safe from hunger and neglect or worse makes the price worth it.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      But, you understand the value of an animal as part of your family… Those who dump never got it…

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