Garlic is Good

I love garlic in basically most any food except for desserts! The only thing I love more is the garlic when it is growing in a garden. Garlic is a simple work of art! Every garden should have garlic to enhance the look of one’s garden. Last summer, I visited a garden that had a huge amount of garlic growing and it was so very captivating I could not take my eyes off of the loveliness of it all…

Took these garlic photos last week. Don’t you love the cute “curl” of the garlic. When the garlic is ready the curl goes away! Garlic in the garden will rival most any beautiful flower!


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  1. They are beautiful! I never knew that when the curl is out the garlic is ready?! But then my garlic never really did anything anyway! 🙂

  2. Kelly Bean says

    I didn’t know about the curl either! I love using the stalks like chives ~ adds great flavor!

  3. I went to a wedding once and kept seeing this strange thing in the arrangements that were used outside. I finally asked someone what it was–and found out that it was GARLIC! It was beautiful! It was used with oak leaf hydrangea and native ferns. Nothing more. It was really beautiful. Some of the garlic was “blooming”, but most of it was in “bud”. Really unusual and very memorable. Sorry, not sure where it was grown. Someone probably brought it down here for the bride’s benefit, as I hardly think this Mississippi climate is good for growing it.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Gosh, the arrangement sounds gorgeous! You would love seeing a huge garden full of garlic. One of those nice unexpected pleasures.

  4. I had no idea that garlic did that. I love garlic in about anything.

  5. I started my first garden this year, and it really is a wonder and a pleasure to watch herbs and vegetables rival flowers in beauty.

    These photos of garlic tell me it’s a veggie I want to add next year!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Yes, do the garlic! I was told it grows best in CA and the northwest, but am sure it grows well in other areas also. Thanks for dropping by!

  6. Hi there,
    I hope you don’t mind a little advice re your garlic.

    The stalks you mention are called “scapes”. They are actually seed heads. Not all garlic produces scapes. some varieties are more prone to seeding than others. Also, garlic plants that have been stressed during the growing period, ie, lack of water, too much competition from weeds, will also produce scapes.

    If your garlic does produce scapes, snap off all of them, otherwise the garlic plant will put all its energy into producing seed instead of into the garlic heads them selves. If you remove the scapes while they are still quite small, you will find your garlic increases substantially in size and juiciness when harvested. After a couple of seasons of good garlic husbandry, you will find your garlic growing into what we call here in Australia, “Jumbo Garlic”.

    Use the scapes in your cooking as some of you have mentioned in the comments.

    Also, garlic seed is 99% sterile, so it really isn’t worth trying to grow it from seed.

    One more thing, save all the little cloves that are too small to use, and when it is sowing time, plant them all in a small patch somewhere in your garden. The resulting growth can be pulled when they are the size of spring onions and used for a subtle yet delicious garlic flavour in your cooking during those months before your garlic is ready for harvesting.

    This young garlic is known as “Green Garlic”, and is the basis for the famous “Green Garlic Soup”, made at Chez Panisse.

    Sorry for rambling so much, but I have just found your blog and quite enjoyed it. I am passionate about garlic and have been growing quite a few varieties for many years.


    • weekendcowgirl says

      I love having any advice!!!! I do not grow it, but my friends in Montana grow lots of it. Not only do I love to eat it, I really love the beauty of how it looks when growing! I just might try to grow some next spring. Your tips will really be helpful. Thanks for dropping by and hope you return. Would love to visit your “neck of the woods!”

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