Good-by To Our Dear Friend

Cancer finally won…I don’t think so.

No, cancer did not really win. In the end it did take our friend from us, but so much more can be said about his battle.

He was able to spend several months in the place he loved best. He was able to be in his beloved Montana. No one could love Montana more than our friend.

He was able to see his beautiful mountains every single day. He was able to visit Glacier National Park. He was able to have friends ride over on horseback. He was able to eat at his favorite spots with family and friends. He was able to take trips to see his special fishing spots. He was able to relax on his hammock. He was able to visit with his Montana friends. He was able to talk on phone and Skype with friends and family living all across the country. He was able to eat all the foods he liked including all the rhubarb pies any man could want! He could enjoy a White Russian with a friend or two. He could watch the beauty of the world with his loving dog at his side. He especially was able to enjoy his precious little grandson. He was able to enjoy his daughters and son-in-law. He was able to have his loving wife at his side. He was able to visit with the brothers he loved so and with his godson.

He was able to gift us with his humor. He was patient. He was a true gentleman until the very end.

Yesterday, he was able to go outside and view his beautiful mountain-side and pastures of lovely native flowers. Then he drifted into a final sleep filled with all the precious things he loved. Today we are without our sweet friend. Oh, what lovely tear filled memories he has left us.

So although our hearts are broken into a million zillion trillion pieces and we are already missing him; we also know that cancer really did not win. He did.

Good-by, our sweet friend.  Cowboy and I will love you for an eternity.

P.S. Cancer Sucks Big Time

Weekend Cowgirl will be gone this next week to help send our friend on his final journey. I will return to blogging in one week. I will find the beauty in Montana and bring something beautiful to share with you. Maybe mountains, flowers, animals… not sure, but I promise that it will be uplifting and happy. My friend would want it that way…



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  1. I hear ya! CANCER SUCKS! So sorry for your loss. You were blessed to know such a man. He DID win!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Thanks so much. Now, you keep fighting the battle. I think about you often and say a prayer for you.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your friend 🙁 When my time comes to an end, I hope I’m somewhere beautiful and surrounded by love like he was.

  3. Liz Wiatrek says

    So very sorry for your loss. It’s good he was in his very favorite place to the end. Blessings.

  4. Jimmie Lee Z says

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your dear friend. What a beautiful blog and tribute to him. Praying for you and his family. Take care.

  5. What a beautiful tribute. He was blessed by your friendship.

  6. David and I were sorry to hear about your friend. It is good that he was able to be in a place he loved with people he cherished when he drifted away.

  7. Tremendously sorry to hear about your friend. I hope that your week brings you much peace.

  8. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  9. My man is/has been a Montana man in Alaska since ’57 (but his exes are from Texas!). He’s also surThrivor of cancer for the past 2 years. My thoughts were with you & Cowboy and your friend. Good for him to finish the journey in a place he loved!

  10. What a beautiful tribute to your dear friend. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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