Amish Laundry

I took this last summer and think it is a really neat photo; especially for those of you who have never visited an area where the Amish live. When traveling the roads of Montana there are so many wonderful places to see and visit. Last summer we took a day trip to Rexford which is a small Amish community. We actually had traveled to Eureka earlier in day and had a little time so just detoured on some side roads. It took about half and hour to see all the wonderful old barns and the little development where the Amish families live. Most of the houses were log houses and all were kept in perfect shape. We did not actually see any Amish that day except for one young woman who was riding her bike.

As we were leaving this little community I happened to see laundry on the line and thought it was so different with the dark trousers all the Amish men wear. I debated and was very torn on to take the photo or not because a large part of me felt I might be invading the owner of these pants privacy. But, I snapped the photo. I later went to the Internet and found many Amish photos so decided it would be alright to publish this photo I took.

I love this photo. To me, it speaks about simplicity of life and that we should all strive to work hard and bring the simple things into our lives… that maybe material things do not add as much value to our lives as we think.

Hope you enjoy this little snap shot of a group who lives a very different life than most of us.

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  1. What a neat shot!

  2. Greetings everyone, and this is something that i see alot of since i live in a Amish community. I think the cloths smell better after drying from the wind. Richard from Amish Stories.

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