Key Lime Cookie Straws

These are the best little cookies and especially tasty when you do not want to bake homemade cookies. These cookies have a nice key lime flavor with a powdered sugar coating.

One word describes them…YUM! They are made under the Target name. They also make cheese straws also in several different flavors which are really great.

I am picking up a couple of boxes for Labor Day Weekend and I like mine with milk!

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  1. I have gotten these before and the cheese ones too! They are great! The key lime straws make me think of Florida beaches and cool breezes. Maybe they’ll work for you this weekend and you can pretend it’s cool. LOL.

  2. Linda Traylor says

    I have had those …. actually, an entire box if I remember and they are one of the most addicting cookies I have ever eaten. I cannot even buy a box any longer as I CAN eat the entire things before I ever close that box. Come to think of it, I am that way about almost anything lemon flavored, especially those lemon bars that people make at Christmas and the lemon pie made with Eagle brand milk. Gotta go before I starve myself….

  3. Included a bag of Riesen’s chocolate carmel with chocolate coating (made in Germany) in the red box for S.!! Take a bag of those along, too! You’ll love them.

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