Soothing Sunflowers

We all know how I love sunflowers. The continued drought this spring and summer has been so disappointing when it came to finding the beauty in local wildflowers. I could not even plant sunflowers this spring. I am already looking forward to the flowers of coming springs and very much hoping the drought will break this year and that next spring will be filled with many lovely colors. This has been a record hot summer and not only do we not have any flowers at the farm, we have not one single green blade of grass at this point.

I recently bumped into these beautiful sunflowers and they are now gracing my farmhouse! Such a simple pleasure, yet they “warmed” up the room instantly. It is amazing that something as easy as one pillow can make such an impact on one little room.

This pillow made me happy the minute I spotted it!

Notice the cute little bee on the pillow.

Along with pillow I found this little pot with sunflower. For sure I will enjoy it this winter!

The sunflower is very realistic.

Sunflowers, I’m loving them! I found these sunflower items at Pottery Barn. If you remember my earlier post I also purchased sunflower placemats and a kitchen table runner. As long as I stay indoors I have many pretty sunflowers to enjoy!


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