Wildlife West Nature Park

I have a friend who works with the mammals at the Wildlife West Nature Park in New Mexico. It is a nature reserve/rescue of New Mexico native wildlife. This summer has been extremely challenging because of the extreme weather conditions and wildfires. The park is located outside of Albuquerque in Edgewood, NM just off of I-40 as you go into Albuquerque. Most of the animals at this zoo cannot go back into the wild.

My friend picked these little elk orphans up last week where they will get great care! You can visit this wonderful zoo at Wildlife West Nature Park. If you live in New Mexico it would be a great place to take your family and friends.

Are these not the most special little animals? They are “way” adorable. I want to visit this park as soon as I can make it to the wonderful state of New Mexico! Thanks to L. who shared these pictures with me.


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  1. http://Beverly says

    Are those “spots” like little deer have/ How precious! Hard to believe they grow up to be SO BIG!!!

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