Lucy Lu

Well, that is what I call Miss Lucy most of the time. We have been so busy at the farm. Larger “fire lanes” are being cut at farm due to the continued heat and drought and fear of fire. It was 108 day before yesterday and 104 yesterday, but we finally got a cool front today and the animals are all loving the 85 degree temps today. We had two new calves born yesterday, but I only got a look from far away as mom’s did not want a visit from me yet. They are both little black angus and very cute. We have been very busy at farm and for me it has been a full time job just moving hoses around yard to keep a green barrier around the house. Every armadillo around has come to dig up our yard. What a mess they are making of it! They are not my friends! Anyway, hopefully things will calm down where I can get back to my blogging and tweeting on a more regular schedule.

For now enjoy this pic I snapped of Lucy Lu this week!

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  1. gorgeous! I love the cropping đŸ™‚

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Thanks! This one I actually just put camera up to her face and did not have to crop very much. She was a good girl and held still!

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