Moss Covered Barn

I found this barn on a day trip in Montana. It was in an Amish area, but not sure Amish lived here. This barn was one of my favorites. It definitely has that old weathered look which is so appealing to someone who finds value in old things. This beautiful barn roof is beginning to deteriorate and I hope a new roof is in it’s future. I know the expense involved in restoring old antique barns may make restoration impossible. It surely is sad to lose these beautiful works of art; I know that we are losing beautiful barns all across the U.S. I wish I could travel the rural roads and view the amazing structures all across the country. I have seen some nice coffee table books with photos of old barns. It is nice old barns are being documented before we lose some of these beauties.

This wooden beauty makes me smile. I find it completely mesmerizing. The many colors of the wood along with the green on the roof speak as a great work of art. The vintage corral fence also helps complete this perfect picture.  (For better detail click on photo to enlarge)

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  1. I have an idea. . .many artists “self publish” their own art books via very reasonable places on the web. You could self-publish a coffee table book of barns! Your photography merits that. . .

    • weekendcowgirl says

      You are so kind! I love to photograph, but what I really need to do is attend a photography school to learn how to use a bigger camera and learn all the settings. I can use them on elementry level, but there is so much I want to learn. This has been a strange year, but I am hoping to find somewhere to go soon. If only I had your talent! Now, that would make me happy!

  2. Ah…a strange year. This has been a “strange” one for me also…I call it the ebb and flow of life. Read something in an Italian travel novel recently. “Let life shape itself.” Hmmm – my new mantra. I too need more camera training, but with digital you can create a book, a really nice book. So, I’ve planted the seed! 🙂 With gratitude, Sandy

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Around here, life has been shaping my life and I have had trouble keeping up. I think I am “in balance” now and reclaiming my life or at least I am nearly there. I have done a few coffee table books for friends using photos I have taken of their lives and places. That was very enjoyable…

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