Our Farrier

One year ago today we lost our friend and farrier in a tragic accident. We have housed an emptiness in our hearts this entire year. He was such a loving man and more importantly loved our animals. It is hard to find a farrier who will work on donkeys and goats, but he did, and they loved him. He was such a huge help for cowboy and would come help with the animals whenever cowboy needed him. He loved life, animals, his friends and was loyal to the end. He had personality, a twinkle in his eye and the ability to make you chuckle always. For one year we have barely spoken of our loss because it cut so deep. He would not want that, but he probably would not be surprised as he knew of our deep love for him. He is probably laughing as my “girls” were not always the best behaved when getting their hooves trimmed. They really made him work hard, but he always let them think they were in control even though he knew he was going to get the job done.

We love and miss you T.

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