Water Art

This old pail has been a focal point of a friend’s yard for at least 12 years. From year to year it changes. Different pots of flowers grace it each year. The water makes a soothing sound as it hits the galvanized bucket. It is simple yard art form which draws me into total relaxation. I have since added a galvanized pail under a faucet at the farm, but our soil is different so ours can only stay on for a short time. I love that each summer this simple pail takes on a new look with different accessories. This is the bucket 12 years ago and I loved the simplicity of it the best.

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  1. Up until two weeks ago, this is what our pets drank from outside. During the summer, our lab would dunk himself in it too. LOL

    Guilty confession or a bragging right? I’m not sure.

    Either way, you’ve definitely posted another beautiful pic! I love, love, love coming over to see what wonderful new thing you’ve shared. =)

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