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We have had nice warm weather this week which I consider a blessing this time of year. To have 80 degree weather in November enables me to spend many hours outside completing chores and getting things ready for winter. (Did I ever tell you I really hate doing chores in cold weather?) I have had painting on my list for the last few weeks and fortunately for me is has been very windy thus no painting. I did spend one day trimming trees and bushes along our roads. I also finished putting up hoses for the winter. But… I did find time to just be out in nature this week. I even had time to hike, explore and take a few photos along the way. My heart has been yearning for a few days like this for months. This special time filled me with contentment and energized my soul…

Here are a few sights from my free time.

I love when the wild berries appear. This week I found a few bushes I had never seen before. I love the vivid orange colors.

While hiking I found these little deer horns. I love finding them and consider them my “treasures”.

This weekend my TCU Frogs had a stunning victory over #5 ranked Boise State. I took this photo at sunset. Our TCU flag against the purple-pink sky was a gift of nature.

Someone dumped a kitty family at our place a month ago. We got them their shots and they are growing and doing well. This little one even let me put flea powder on him. They are very sweet, but I think they are city cats and I do not think they would know how to catch a mouse!

The cactus blooms are now beginning to fade. The pink blooms will be drying up until next year. Even the cactus have gorgeous blooms.

This shot is on top of a hill. Way too many cactus. This field will be sprayed next spring and hopefully we will have less cactus in the future. I actually think they are beautiful, but they are BAD, BAD, Bad. They are not a farmer or ranchers friend! I guess they redeem themselves a little by providing a nice photo opportunity!






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  1. I know how rotten a problem the cactus can be…sort of like mesquite. But hey, make lemonade out of lemons…there are some decent recipes for cactus. Really! Or maybe you could give them to the farmer’s market so someone else can eat them. Or you could have fun being the nazi cacti-killer and shoot them with a shotgun just for fun. 😉

  2. Love the purple sky! I don’t think I have ever seen a sky so purple before–and it looks like God made it just for all of you Horned Frogs down there around them thar parts!

    About the cacti: Just what do you spray them with? Can you not just take the tractor and pull them up, let them die and haul them off–or better yet, burn them? Or would that take too long? If it is half as hard as trying to rid the yard of bamboo, I will pray for you. I’ve been trying for 25 years, had the extension service here and everything, and we aren’t rid of the darned stuff yet! Good luck.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      The cacti have to have a special spray and they have to be sprayed under special conditions. Pulling up with tractor does not work and I guess it would take longer than we have time. Hopefully, next spring they can be sprayed. The last time the road grader came he scraped on field and put in a huge pile and now that pile is full of cactus! And they are coming back in field. We had bamboo in back yard growing up and it nearly took over our yard!!

  3. Wow, here we would never be able to grow cactus like that. I can’t imagine it being a weed but we live in such different zones. Too wet here for them. Glad to hear you are getting time to relax.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      The cactus really messes up grazing pastures…nothing will eat it. I have enjoyed the weather, although it has cooled down a little now.

  4. We always just leave our cactus. They’re growing where nothing else will grow for one, and for two they never get really big here b/c it’s way too cold in the winters!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Wish it would get cold enough here for them to not be bad. I actually love cactus, but they sure can take over fast…

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