Fall Memories

I was not in Montana for the beautiful fall foliage; however I have nice friends who send me photos. They know how I long to see all the magical changes that occur in the land of Montana. Honestly, I am going to place visiting Montana in November at the top of my list. In the meantime thanks to LL for sending these photos last month. Next year I must make me some Montana memories!

Montana IS beautiful in the fall…




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  1. Cynthia White says

    Just LOVE these photos, very beautiful:)

  2. Montana is a great state with 4 distinct seasons which I love. Well, spring is usually a bit nasty, lol. The vivid colors here in the NW part of the state this year were gorgeous. Lovely pictures! Thanks to you and LL for sharing!

  3. Billie Brown says

    Hey Cowgirl, I was there to see one of the most beautiful falls in my life. I was in Glacier National for 5 1-2 mths. It was a beautiful spring, summer and fall. Got lots of fall foliage photos myself. Nothing like it.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      How wonderful to be able to spend that amount of time in the most amazing park ever. You must have treasured photos for sure.

  4. Your friend is a fantastic photographer. The composition of the photos is outstanding!

    Gorgeous gorgeous! What part of Montana is this?

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