Fall Memories

I was not in Montana for the beautiful fall foliage; however I have nice friends who send me photos. They know how I long to see all the magical changes that occur in the land of Montana. Honestly, I am going to place visiting Montana in November at the top of my list. In the meantime thanks to LL for sending these photos last month. Next year I must make me some Montana memories!

Montana IS beautiful in the fall…




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  1. http://Cynthia%20White says

    Just LOVE these photos, very beautiful:)

  2. Montana is a great state with 4 distinct seasons which I love. Well, spring is usually a bit nasty, lol. The vivid colors here in the NW part of the state this year were gorgeous. Lovely pictures! Thanks to you and LL for sharing!

  3. http://Billie%20Brown says

    Hey Cowgirl, I was there to see one of the most beautiful falls in my life. I was in Glacier National for 5 1-2 mths. It was a beautiful spring, summer and fall. Got lots of fall foliage photos myself. Nothing like it.

    • http://weekendcowgirl says

      How wonderful to be able to spend that amount of time in the most amazing park ever. You must have treasured photos for sure.

  4. Your friend is a fantastic photographer. The composition of the photos is outstanding!

    Gorgeous gorgeous! What part of Montana is this?

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