Merry Christmas Weekend Cowgirl

Call me crazy, but these are what I asked Santa to bring me for Christmas. Many of my friends will think I have totally lost it, but all my agriculture friends will just smile.


Santa delivered my Christmas a little early this year. I am the proud owner of two cement feeding troughs. Aren’t you excited??! Jeff, Blanco and Spot (the goats) love them. When not eating from them they just use them for beds!



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  1. Hey – I want one of those!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      I know… I have wanted one for about five years. I got to pitch the old junky plastic ones that were falling apart. My old ones would blow across the pasture and I would have to drag them back. The metal part was rusty and plastic cracking. I think these will work great.

  2. Wow, actually yeah! That is really cool! I would be ecstatic if I were you! The goats are being so cliche, but it works. 🙂

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Yep, I am jumping up and down. Happy to add a little “style”, ha, ha! The goats do not leave them. They have staked them out as their own. Won’t even move for the donkey’s to eat!!

  3. Very sleek, looks like the goats love them too. (Your goats are adorable!)

  4. Isn’t is amazing what will “make your day” at our age and station in life? Obviously the goats were tired of following their plastic troughs from one wind-blown spot to another. THEY just might be as tickled as you with your early Christmas present.

  5. lol… it looks like the goats got the better end of the deal but they are perfect for everyone ; )

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