Naughty or Nice??

It’s Santa time and I love this festive season. I am basically finished shopping and now need to start planning our Christmas dinner menu. The house is decorated and all the kiddos are getting the Christmas spirit. I love the Christmas music, the special foods, getting everything decorated and wrapped and especially happy I got most everything finished before I had to venture out into the huge crowds.

If you read my last post you see I received my “Santa” early and the animals are all enjoying their new cement cattle troughs. They are not blowing across the field in the wind and the goats have found wonderful new beds to take naps in every single day. I love my Christmas troughs and they are working out perfect! Thanks Cowboy!

The Christmas season is always so much fun and I love giving to my family and friends. This season I have been a little naughty. I found the most adorable little metal folding tray side table and simply had to have it. I mean, who buys them self something in December when they are supposed to be shopping for others? I DO feel guilty, but the good part is this little table did not set me back much.

Bet I get coal in my stocking for being so naughty!

Isn’t it the cutest little table??


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  1. Okay, then I am naughty too. I bought two gifts for others and two for myself. Love the table, it’s perfect!

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