The BEST Drink!

Let me preface this by saying I am not much of a drinker. I love a margarita or two in the summer and maybe a champagne for New Years. Now that I have clarified I am not a lush I will tell you a story. Two summers ago my Montana friends daughter sent them a bottle of Lemoncello cream. While my friends were enjoying a drink after dinner I declined. My friend then poured me a little taste of Lemoncello cream to see if I might enjoy that after dinner. I had never tasted one before and it was like having a little ice cream slush. They kept the bottle in the freezer so when poured it was like having a little mini frozen dessert. For one solid week I would have a little shot here and there of this new frozen “dessert”. Imagine my horror when two weeks later I realized I had polished off the entire bottle! I ran to the local liquor store to replace it since my friends daughter had given it to them for a gift only to find out it was rare and really hard to find. No one in Montana carried it. Oh gosh, we laughed so hard. I have yet to replace the bottle in Montana, but it is on my list to do next summer. I think their daughter may have heard that mom and dad never got a taste of that particular Lemoncello, but saw her recently and she is still speaking to me!

If you want the best after dinner drink ever you might consider trying a Lemoncello cream!

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  1. That sounds fantastic & like my kind of drink! I don’t like beer but I love “dessert” like drinks

  2. Yes, ma’am, you are right!!!!! Love me some Limoncello Cream!

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