Friday Faces

Here are a few “faces” from this week. Cowboy had camera in hand when driving around which is good because I have not had a camera in hand in over a month. Holding out for some pretty spring shots. Enjoy these cute faces today!

Number 1


“Black Eye” is one of my favorites. You gotta love this face!


My favorite cow-NOT! (Remember: she does not like me. Only cow in herd I cannot turn my back on) However, I do love her “do”. She sure could use a bath! Very dirty girl.


Little ones are growing. Here are a few of the young ones. They are lucky and have had a very mild winter. Life is good!


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  1. Black eye is adorable, love the markings!

  2. Your critters are adorable.

    We have a black-and-white faced steer with a big white curl on top his head. Our 16 y.o. calls him DQ (like the sundaes).

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