Lamp Love

It’s nearly spring and it seems that every spring I go into a restless state. I clean everything in sight. I arrange and rearrange the house . I move pictures. I move “stuff” inside and out. This spring I seem to have a lamp fetish.

My current two lamp loves are from Pottery Barn. They both have a nice simplicity. I think the Caged Wire Glass lamp wins out as my favorite. It is both simple and stunning. I actually had a blown glass lamp years ago. Someone knocked it over and the glass cracked. I actually still have it in a bedroom and it is still pretty even without the glass. I think that is why I am drawn to this one!


This lamp finishes as a close second. Like the crisp clean look. It reminds me of an old antique pitcher. This lamp could fit anywhere.

Photos from Pottery Barn.


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  1. Love the second lamp, I’m just like you.. cleaning redoing things & wrapping up house projects. I’m anxious to get outside & do some work in the yard & get riding

  2. Isn’t it fun to just get into the mood and start rearranging the furniture? I could find a nice spot in our home for the second lamp. Just love that pitcher base!

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