Rattlesnake Whisperer

Rattlesnakes just “appear” around me like a magnet. Cowboy can go several years without bumping into one, but not me. They always “pop-out” of hiding when I am around. We live where it is very rocky so I imagine there are tons of them out there and I just try to stay out of their way! My friends all call me the “Rattlesnake Whisperer” so imagine how I jumped up and down when finding this bag a few years ago. I put it back for a “rainy day” and now I am going to use it! I think it is a fun tote and it will be my official going around bag this spring and summer. It is even big enough for me to tuck my purse inside along with my camera.

I think people are going to take notice of this bag! Can’t you just hear the “rattlers”??? (Click on photo to see a clearer picture of the design on bag. So cute!)



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  1. OOh, I would attach rattles to it so it rattles when you move.

  2. OMG, I HATE snakes! Last summer I kept finding Copperheads all around our house….one was even in our pool. I would not go swimming after that!

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