Wildflowers are starting to show their amazing colors. We had three inches of rain early last week which was great. I think our flowers will start blooming the next few weeks in abundance. I love the beginning of wildflower season and the new beginning it brings us. I know, for me, spring brings me excitement and a huge burst of energy every single year.

Here are a few wildflowers. It has been terribly windy and the day I had my camera it was hard to catch a shot of anything as they were all blowing like crazy. Nevertheless I love all the pretty colors of yellows, whites, purples, oranges and pinks that I found this week. Waiting in anticipation for the next batch to bloom.







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  1. I love your blog and the post. what beautiful flowers! I too am a country girl that lives in Colorado. You could come check out my blog, the blogs called pistols and pearls, you could follow me too. 🙂

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