FIRST Bluebonnet

If you read my blog then you know how disheartened I was last spring when we virtually had no wildflowers. This spring will be different and it looks like it might even be a GREAT wildflower season. This week our first bluebonnet appeared up on our hill. So exciting! Such a wonderful event for me. Such a sad event for Cowboy. Since we had such a drastic drought last year we could not apply noxious weed application to our fields on our hills. We are getting nice rains this spring, but summer is predicted to be hot and dry so we could not apply this spring either. Thus, I will a banner blue bonnet year it appears. The hill is full of bluebonnet plants and in a few weeks the hill will be blooming with beautiful bluebonnets and I cannot wait! On the other hand Cowboy will see a hill taken over with bluebonnets that cannot be used for cattle grazing. However, secretly he enjoys the beauty of a blooming hill.

Here is the very first bluebonnet I found up on hill. I can hardly wait to see our lovely hill in bloom! To see the bloom up and close just click on photo.

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  1. I love bluebonnets!

  2. How exciting! I always anticipate the arrival of the migrating swallows from California as my herald of spring. They should be here by now, but I expect our nasty wet weather is keeping them grounded somewhere there are plenty of bugs for them.

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