Sunshine and Sunflowers

Most of you know that sunflowers bring much “sunshine” into my life. I love them. They are so simple and there are many flowers perhaps prettier, but I find the simplicity in sunflowers suit me perfectly. This spring I was not able to plant any sunflowers.  We have a huge jar full of many different varieties to plant and will just have to keep them tucked aside until next spring. Of course, I can look forward to the wild sunflowers later this summer.

Thanks to Facebook I have reconnected with a good college friend who lives in Alabama. She also has a great love for sunflowers and has a lovely yard full of them. She is recovering from an illness and spends much time in her yard tending to all her beautiful flowers. I am sure her sunflowers have given her much pleasure with that process. She has graciously shared some photos with me. Thanks to SHF for helping brighten my day with these pretty photos. Notice all the butterflies on her flowers. I love the first photo as there are multiple butterflies on the sunflower. Absolutely glorious!




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  1. Flowers do have a way of just soothing you. Sometimes, if you slow down & appreciate their beauty it really helps make everything else seem so small so to speak.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      There is nothing better than to sit out & enjoy them… It’s going to be hot here this summer so hoping mine survive!

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