Weekend Cowgirl Update

Well, it has been 33 days since my accident and I am doing so much better. I won’t bore you with all the details except to say I had never ever had a broken bone of any kind which is really great. I can now say I never ever want a broken bone again. Evidently, when I break a bone I do it like it was an extreme sport. I broke ankle in three places. Thanks to a wonderful trauma surgeon I am all put back together with two nice metal plates and lots of nice little screws. I also managed to injure my left ankle so my good “leg” is not all that good! All is good with the world…nearly. I have been delegated to mostly bed rest for the last 33 days. I now have to stay in bed until at least June 1st. That means I stay in bed and off my feet. I can use the walker to go eat and use computer and that is about it. The highlight of my week are the days I can have a shower! It really is the little things that make me happy these days. I have been so lucky to have lots of family and friends coming in and out bringing lots of food, magazines, books and DVDs. My friends have been wonderful. I have mostly been watching TV because for some reason I have not been able to focus on reading. Yesterday, I spent all day reading all the magazines that people have brought to me and it was really nice. I think I may even try to start a book this week if I can stay focused.

Anyway, I am slowly leaving the “fog” I have been in. I know this process is going to be a little longer than I had imagined and now I am striving for patience. Well, at least Cowboy is hoping I am striving for patience! Cowboy has been a blessing for sure and he is really quite a good nurse!

For now this is my motto! A friend sent this to me and it about says it all.



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  1. yay!! i’ve been wondering about you and glad you gave an update! sorry about the bedrest – its hard for me to sit still…. so i can understand that ‘the little things’ can be so joyful. sending hugs!

  2. Oh my! I’m so sorry about your accident and glad to hear you are on the mend. Good that you have friends to lend a much needed helping hand:) I’m still trying to get caught up (we moved a month ago) and missed a LOT what is going on. Best wishes, Cynthia

    • weekendcowgirl says

      I have not been on Twitter either so missed that you moved! Hope you are all settled in nice and cozy!

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I know what a long haul it is. I was very glad to finally get a wheelchair to be more mobile. Hope I never break a bone again either. Stay strong, the worst is over.

  4. We have all missed your “sunshine.” Do take it easy, follow the doc’s orders and know that this will soon be over. A friend broke some bones in her neck after falling off a ladder last summer (yes, washing windows!). Stuck in the bed for over six weeks – and in hindsight it all seems like a bad dream. You have many rooting for you and your continued recovery. . .sending good karma your way.

  5. My goodness, I never knew a broken bone could take so long to heal! Yeesh, plates & metal, sounds horrendous! Get well soon!

  6. Hang in there Cowgirl!!! I miss your blogs. Tell Cowboy he is doing a good job taking care of you. I’m SO glad you are feeling better. We can’t wait to see you this summer in Montana. Time is a great healer, but patience’s is a virtue.

  7. Son #2's Wife :) says

    Please Post again soon WCowgirl! We miss seeing your updates. XXXXXooooXXXX

  8. Getting a shower was the highlight of my broken-leg weeks, too. My husband would drag a lawn chair into the shower, put a huge garbage bag over my leg, and then haul me into the chair. I would lounge in that chair with the water streaming down over my head for an hour. Of course, getting out, getting dried, getting dressed, and getting back in bed took an hour, too, so it was a pretty huge ordeal. But so worth it! I hope you’re enjoying a little more mobility now.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      I am doing so much better! The ordeal of the shower is over & now I can just enjoy the shower! Now, I am just trying to get strength back and trying to learn to walk more normally. Little steps;big steps!

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