New Twins at Farm

Early Saturday morning these two little ladies were born. We love having new little heifers! These two are Charolais and so very pretty. Charolais have beautiful calves and these are no exception. We moved them into the corral so mama could get extra nutrition because sometimes having twins just takes it out of you! They are both nursing great and gaining weight and I look forward to watching them grow…

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  1. OH my they are just the cutest!!!!!!!!!!!I love, love, love baby calves and yes Charolais are very cute!!!

  2. The are so precious. . .can’t wait to see their “growing up” pictures. . .

  3. So adorable! I love cows! I like singing to them, too. They like it!

  4. Names?

    • weekendcowgirl says

      They will have registered names, but I just call them by their tag number which will be in their ears.

  5. Twins!!! How adorable & what a blessing!!!

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